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The Parrott & Lee Educational Foundation is a village charity dating back some 200 years. Before schools were run by education authorities, the charity provided the village school..   Today the Foundation still owns a number of houses in the village and the income from these is used to make grants.  By far the largest grant is used to support the school financially but in addition to this important role there are grants available for young people to help with training or education to equip them for a career.  


Young people up to the age of 25 who have either attended Wootton school and/or who live in the civil parish of Wootton are eligible to apply.  Application forms are available in the village shop and contain full details on how to complete and submit an application.


The purpose of the grants, which are normally of around £300, is to enable young people from the village to embark on a career..  Secondary education must therefore have been completed, but the grants can support apprenticeships or study in either further or higher education.  Grants can be put towards course fees, maintenance, travelling, outfits or equipment.  


The trustees of the Foundation meet twice a year to consider applications, usually in the spring and autumn.

More information is published in Outreach before each meeting

Every Thursday morning. Click on the button to connect to the monitored Facebook page for more details or

Email: Hayley Brooks

Wootton Relief in Need is a charity that was set up in 1973, with the purpose of helping individuals and families living within the boundaries of Wootton Parish in cases of economic hardship or need. The charity provides assistance when people cannot get it elsewhere. This may include as an example such things as covering the cost of winter fuel when households are unable to do so, or the provision of medical aids for elderly or disabled persons within Wootton Parish. Small donations, in rare circumstances, may become available to groups inside of Wootton Parish at the end of the financial year, if agreed by the trustees once financial records have been provided. 

Wootton Relief in Need operates under the strictest confidentiality and impartiality. Those who seek our assistance can rest assured our trustees are committed to upholding these ideals. 

If you would like to contact Wootton Relief in Need, please email Simon Heighes (Chair) at

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